Training Day

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  • 7.9
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  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • NeuroKoNeza

  • Date:
  • 08/16/2005

  • File Size:
  • 5.6M


A somewhat L shaped valley with bases at each end, with catwalks that go along the cliffs and ledges. Bases take place in a medium forerunner facillity with a sniper loft built into the cliff next to each base.

File Notes


~Special Thanks to : TheGhost
for helping me out with some sapien trouble , making a sweet ground texture and compiling the final build.
This map works well with anything , besides oddball and race.

Thx to Masters1337 , and Conq. for joining me and Ghost in testing.

And to Beavis who added this to his dedicated server

How The Day went when this map was made:

well it was about 3:45am or so and i was playing this map with devour and baturkin , and I was getting some good ideas in my head while i was playing about having just a small simple map that plays well and looks good , would be fast non stop action , and not to mention pretty looking (= so i was thinking about how it would be like , drawing some ideas down , i couldnt get any sleep i was up till 6am or so , just drawing and coming up with some ideas till i just came with a simple plan. have a sorta L shaped map , alot of jumping back and forth like in longest , set it out-doors , enviroment sorta like the ravines in TSC, and then i came up with this map's final layout.

Then i slept till about 12' or so , got something to eat turned on my computer , started modeling from my sketchs. I was talking to TheGhost about some of my ideas and showed him a early untextured version. he said he'd liek to help out a bit , make a cool ground texture , so we started working on this map. I got a few builds ingame today , made some scenery adjustments , made some awsome shaders for it. then ghost worked on it after i populated it , fixed a few things , he taught me how to make it for all gametypes.

We then eventually got a small test going on with me , ghost , masters and conq. We were having a few exception problems cause ghost added his chain detonation frags and this odd MC. but then he just put it back to the reg. tagset.

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