Battlefield Final

  • User Rating:
  • 8.0
  • File Category:
  • Halo CE Maps
  • Author:
  • AC4-DavixXx

  • Date:
  • 10/09/2009

  • File Size:
  • 26.8M


File Notes

A medium battlefield with moderns weapons, and vehicles.
It's a Final version of MapCE (
I have COD4 (Call of duty 4) and i wanted to make a remake of this on haloCE

There are customs games with the map

There are on known bug with LAV_25 (fall under the map) and bad fluidity drive with FAV


This map was designed for = CTF, slayer, Oddball, king, race(no vehicles).
Recomended players: 8-16

-ak 47
-Desert Eagle
-M249 saw
-M134 Minigun (hidden)
-m16 m203
-Pancor JackHammer (hidden)
-RPG 7
-97fs beretta pistols
-a secret and powerful weapon(hidden)

-LAV_25 X2
-Warthog X8
-Rocket Warthog X4
-FAV X10
-M61 Vulcan X4

-M67 frag grenade
-Smoke grenades

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