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  • 02/22/2016

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Large deep curved canyon with bases and a central core

File Notes

This maps is a great maps, good for ctf slayer and king of the hill, oddball, with many teleporter and passage,
the weapons are fully custom backgrounds but by me, animations, sound, texture shaders bitmaps, fov and more and the same for vehicles and biped,
scenery and all the textures of the maps, there is a secret weapon (look screen 7 and 8 the archive), simply place a flying vehicle on top of tron arbe, and leave the vehicles and you will be teleported.

History: Humans have been sent by the pod, an unknown facility is located a crystal to a ship reactor, once humans arrived on the installation, it is attacked by covenants, and he is lost connection between the ship and them, a pelican came to see if the marines are still here, but the pelican is attacked by two armored covenants and he perished on the installation, the survivor is trying to find the crystal but all are dead and attacked by the floods, covenants and humans ,a few weeks go by and nobody knows where is the crash site and if there are survivors, everyone is dead.

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